Right Around the Corner

With the launch of Genesis in the rear view mirror, I thought it would be helpful to start introducing some of the elements of a framework. They are a relatively new thing in the WordPress world and a lot of people either don’t know what one is or how they work.

What is a Framework?

In short, a framework is a robust WordPress theme that can be utilized out of the box as is, but also easily extended with child themes and hooks. Not only do they provide a number of enhancements above a typical WordPress theme, but they also serve as a platform to build upon for additional functionality. This post will focus exclusively on the Genesis Framework and how it is structured.

What is a Child Theme?

A child theme is an extension of a framework which is comprised of typical theme elements – with Genesis, it includes a screenshot, theme files, a stylesheet, a functions file and an images folder. These elements are grouped together in what’s known as a child theme folder and can be activated like any other WordPress theme. To help explain the relationship of a child theme and the parent G